Orthodontic Devices & Appliances

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Orthodontic appliances and devices help correct some issues and prevent others from developing. They can even curb habits, like thumb-sucking and nail biting.



Orthodontic devices and braces have been used for centuries. Today, orthodontists can use various appliances depending on the situation and what their patient needs. Some of the most common orthodontic appliances include palate expanders, elastics, spacers, and retainers.

Each orthodontic device serves a unique purpose, but your orthodontist may use more than one during your treatment.

Palate expanders can widen a child’s jaw to correct a crossbite or create more space for permanent teeth to come in.
Spacers can create more room between teeth to prevent crowding.
Elastics can help correct bite issues.
Retainers help keep your teeth in the proper position after you complete orthodontic treatment.
Thumb-sucking devices help children break the habit before it can interfere with their tooth and jaw development.

Some orthodontic appliances are used before starting braces, while others can be used in conjunction with braces. Your orthodontist will explain what an appliance does and what to expect before installing one.

Some orthodontic appliances attach to your teeth for the duration of your treatment plan. However, there are some orthodontic devices, like retainers and elastics, that you can remove and replace as needed.

Technically, braces are orthodontic devices because they correct bite and alignment issues.

It may take a little time to adjust to the fit and feel of an orthodontic appliance. You may experience some discomfort at times as your teeth move. However, most people adapt to the devices with little pain.

Like other dental costs, orthodontic devices can vary in price. Many insurance companies help with the cost of orthodontics.

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