Dental Bridges

Gaps where natural teeth have been lost affect the health of the mouth, as well as disrupt daily activities such as chewing and speaking. A dental bridge is an appliance that acts as a replacement for one or more missing teeth. The bridge is anchored into the space by two crowns bonded to the two teeth adjacent to either side of the gap. Bridges are custom-made to match the size and shape of the mouth and surrounding natural teeth, and are a great solution for restoring a full set of teeth.

A dental bridge is an appliance that fills the space left by missing teeth, with one of more artificial teeth that is anchored to natural teeth. Gaps from missing teeth can impact bite, appearance, utility and speech. Remaining teeth can shift, causing further disruption, pain and an increased likelihood of gum disease.

You’ll typically need crowns on the teeth that will support the bridge, and getting a bridge is similar to having a crown applied: the process involves making impressions, shaping the teeth and fitting the bridge.

The dental bridge process involves making impressions, shaping the teeth and fitting the bridge. Dental crowns are bonded over adjacent teeth provide support for a dental bridge, and the replacement teeth are measured and created to act as natural replacements for missing teeth.

Getting a crown or bridge is typically not painful, though some steps of the process may leave patients slightly and temporarily sensitive. We use a local anesthetic to numb the mouth during crown or bridge treatments, reducing any sensations associated with the procedure.

Dental bridges are an affordable solution for replacing missing teeth, and a portion of the cost may even be covered by many dental insurance plans. Our Exclusive Dental Savings Plan covers bridges, crowns and other dental treatments that help restore smiles.

A bridge is a permanent replacement which is adhered in place to existing teeth. The bridge looks and feels like natural teeth. A removable dental bridge is actually called a partial denture, which is a removable piece which uses neighboring teeth as anchors. Permanent or fixed bridges provide stability and durability, while removable bridges are easier to clean and may be a better choice if the teeth on either side of the gap are not in good shape.

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