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Best Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid with Braces

You’ve taken the step towards a better smile by getting braces, but the work has just begun. For optimum results you’ll have to change your dental hygiene routine and a few of your eating habits..

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12 Tips for Healthier Teeth

We sometimes forget how important our teeth are and don’t take adequate care of them. Our smile would not be the same, and our confidence level would decrease. There are several easy ways to get on the right path to having healthy teeth. We have gathered together 12 tips to improve the health and appearance of your smile.

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Dec 29

Oral Health

5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Dental Cleaning

If it’s been a year or longer since you’ve seen a dentist, chances are that plaque and tartar have had a chance to build up on the surface of your teeth and along your gums..

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Tooth Extractions: When Do You Need to Remove a Tooth?

When a tooth becomes infected, damaged or heavily decayed and cannot be restored, the best course of treatment is often a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket..

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Your Biggest Dental Questions Revealed

Dental health can come with some mysteries, and some even bigger myths. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked dental questions, including answers about wisdom teeth, pregnancy, cavities, canker sores, cost and more!

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8 Treats that are WORSE than Halloween Candy

Nothing is spookier than a toothache, but can that Halloween candy bowl really rot teeth? “A few pieces of candy in moderation won’t do much damage, however other treats can do much more harm if.

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Oct 24

Food Nutrition

Receding Gums Causes and Remedies to Stop Progression

Gum recession is a progressive condition in which the gum tissue withdraws or pulls back away from the teeth. As the gum tissue pulls away, teeth may look noticeably longer.

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8 Facts About Sensitive Teeth: Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Do you feel an almost painful chill in your teeth as you enjoy a lick of an ice cream cone?  You’re not alone! Among one of the most common complaints from dental patients is tooth.

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8 Healthy Aging Tips for Teeth

As we age, we notice changes in our physical appearance our skin wrinkles and we may notice age spots, our metabolism may slow; we may notice changes in our physical wellbeing that affect our daily.

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How to protect your teeth from sports and injuries

It’s no surprise that it’s important to protect your teeth while playing sports, however as much as 39% of all dental injuries are related to sports injuries to the face or head. Sports like football,.

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