Corrective Orthodontic Appliances

Clear braces, removable orthodontic trays, are a great alternative to traditional metal braces. ClearCorrect trays are custom made and fitted to gently realign the teeth using plastic trays that are molded to the upper or lower arch of the teeth. Every few weeks the orthodontist provides new trays until the treatment is complete.


Clear Correct clear braces are virtually invisible at a glance, making them a wonderful alternative option for patients who do not seek metal braces. Your orthodontist will start by taking molds of your bite, and then creates a series of plastic removable trays that fit over the teeth. As treatment progresses, your orthodontist provides new trays each week to gently guide the teeth into alignment. The trays are to be worn at all times, and are removable for activities such as brushing, flossing, eating or drinking. Clear Correct trays are similar to Invisaline and other clear orthodontic treatments.

There are distinct differences in clear braces versus traditional metal braces, depending on the case and patients’ preference. Keep in mind that not every patient is eligible for clear braces- your orthodontist will evaluate your particular case and make a treatment recommendation for your individual health.

How much do clear aligners cost?

Clear braces are surprisingly affordable! We offer affordable and low cost clear braces for adults and children who select this orthodontic treatment. The cost of braces varies on length of treatment and any additional treatment that may be required. There are several ways to pay for your clear braces.

Clear aligners financing and payment plans

It’s possible to finance or pay for your clear braces through payment plans, financing options and our Dental Savings Plan. Payment plans allow you to pay for your braces on a weekly or monthly basis, similarly many financing options break payments into manageable payments. We accept all major credit cards, as well as work with Care Credit, iCare and Orthobanc financing programs.

Can you pay for clear aligners using insurance?

If your dental insurance includes coverage for orthodontics, then you can apply your benefits to help cover the cost of your clear braces treatment. The amount that dental insurance plans cover varies by plan. If your plan does not cover orthodontics, it’s possible to add a supplemental orthodontic plan. Contact your insurer for benefit details specific to your plan.

Clear braces don’t hurt, however there may be discomfort for up to a week as your mouth adjusts after putting in your first tray. Subsequently, you may feel discomfort for a few days after putting in new trays, as your mouth shifts into alignment.

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