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Dentals Crowns – Restoring Damaged Teeth


A crown (also called a “cap”) helps keep what’s left of a damaged tooth and maintains bone health and nerve function. Crowns are most often used to:

To create a crown, which is basically a hollow, artificial tooth, a dentist, will take an impression of your bite, shape the tooth that needs a crown, and then take another impression in order to create a well-fitting crown. The crown is created, and then cemented to your tooth.

Materials for Dental Crowns

Crowns can be created in two different types of materials. You can choose from:

  • Metal-Free (All-Porcelain) – A good choice if your crown will show, an all-porcelain crown mimics the color and translucency of real teeth, and may work best if you have a metal allergy. Porcelain crowns can wear down opposing teeth, however, and are not as durable as gold crowns.
  • Gold – Dental crowns made of gold have been used for thousand of years, and for good reason. They are very strong, and can stand up to years of chewing, or even teeth grinding. Gold crowns can last for decades if cared for properly.

The Jefferson Dental Difference

As always, we keep any discomfort to a minimum. Getting a crown or bridge is typically not painful, though you may have some sensitivity following the preparations. We use epinephrine lidocaine to numb your mouth during crown or bridge treatments, as it provides better analgesic effects than typical anesthesia. Visit one of our clinics and see how we can restore any damaged teeth with our affordable dental crowns.

Do you offer same-day crowns? We do not offer same day crowns.

Crowns Are Nearly 2000 Years Old

Over nineteen hundred years, wealthy Etruscans had their teeth repaired with dental crowns made of gold.

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