Tips for Children’s Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, a time to spread awareness around the crippling oral health crisis that costs adults and children time off of work and school, and annually costs tax payers more than $2 billion in emergency costs. Here are easy tips to help families improve daily dental care routines.

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Restore Your Smile: Crowns, Bridges, Implants and Affordable Dentures

American adults are missing an average of 7.25 teeth! Missing teeth affect a person’s ability to chew, speak and smile without issue. Moreover, many adults who are missing teeth feel self-conscious or even embarrassment about the gaps where missing teeth were.

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Getting healthy for the New Year? Don’t forget about your teeth!

New Year’s resolutions often include healthy commitments; unfortunately dental care is far too often neglected aspect of health. In fact, one in three people do not brush their teeth twice a day according to the ADA, and the number of people who floss even once a week is abysmal.

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The Naughty and Nice List of Holiday Foods and Drinks

Watching what you eat and drink is good for your teeth too. The very same foods that pile on the fat also feed cavity-causing bacteria and weaken tooth enamel. Here’s our list of good and bad holiday foods and beverages for teeth.

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Dec 19

The straight truth about orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is not simply aesthetic, misaligned teeth can impact the health of your teeth and gums, cause jaw pain, and in extreme cases, it may even be so difficult to eat that digestive issues may arise.

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Don't Lose Your Benefits

The end of the year is approaching fast. The dental benefits that you have been paying for all year will expire soon! Now is the time to schedule your final dental appointment of the year, and ring in the new year with a bright smile.

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Oral Health Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

While preventative dental appointments every six months are important for keeping your mouth healthy, as well as for detecting the onset of issues, if you do feel or see an oral health issue it is important to visit your dentist immediately to seek treatment.

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Nov 16

Oral Health

How to Have a Healthier Halloween

When the decorations are stored away and the candy “loot bag” is emptied, children’s teeth will continue to pay the real and sometimes permanent cost. While sugar itself does not cause cavities, it does feed the cavity-causing bacteria. The bacteria found on teeth and gums consumes sugar and excretes an acid that decays tooth enamel.

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Your Biggest Dental Questions Revealed

Dental health can come with some mysteries, and some even bigger myths. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked dental questions, including answers about wisdom teeth, pregnancy, cavities, canker sores, cost and more!

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Basic Dental Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning

The Academy of General Dentistry strongly recommends and most dentists advise their patients to seek standard cleaning once every six months. Patients should discuss the frequency of standard cleaning with their dentists bearing in mind that if the patient has one or more risk factors that lead to gum disease, standard cleaning should be sought at least twice a year, in some cases as often as four times a year.

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