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Community Giving

community-givingAs a Texas institution, Jefferson Dental is aware of the importance of its community giving. Part of our mission is to bring to lower income areas an awareness of the importance of oral and dental health. As incredible as it may be, more than 16 million children in the US suffer from untreated tooth decay and illnesses. This translates into 51 million missed hours of school, and 25 million hours of missed work by the parents of these children.

Making our Texas communities recognize that oral health is the path to overall health and wellness. Untreated dental and oral problems have been clearly linked to Diabetes and to heart disease, as well as to other important health disorders.

We are proud of our involvement with the community over the last 46 years. Jefferson Dental is a major sponsor of many events and celebrations that form part of our many customers’ heritage, and will continue on its mission to promote oral and dental well-being across Texas.

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