iTero®️ Element™️ Intraoral 3D Dental Scanner

Dental scanning technology has come a long way over the past several years. It’s efficient and effective while allowing dentists to be more transparent with their patients.


Cutting-edge machines, specifically dental 3D scanners, provide dentists with comprehensive 3D images of what’s going on in your mouth. Even better, your dentist can show you what they see and why they recommend certain treatments!

In this video, Dr. Shilpi Priyadarshini, DFW Regional Dental Director, explains the benefits of the iTero 3D Scanner.

We use iTero 3D scanners to take images of your mouth. The handheld wand captures images and relays them to digital software that recreates a three-dimensional model of your teeth and gums.

Dentists and orthodontists can use iTero Scanners to look for cavities, identify crowded teeth or misalignments, and find plaque build-up in tough-to-reach spaces. We can also use iTero scanning as a basis for 3D printing. For example, these scanners make it possible to create custom trays for Invisalign patients. It’s also helpful for patients with restorative and cosmetic dental work because it’s possible to keep a record of the progress.

Using an iTero scanner for teeth scans revolutionized dental appointments in many ways. It’s beneficial for dental teams and their patients in several key ways.

Aside from being incredible, cutting-edge technology, iTero scanners help dental teams and their patients in several key ways.

– Transparency: allows your dentist to show you what’s happening in your mouth, ultimately opening the door to better patient education for improved oral health.
It’s more comfortable and less messy than traditional impressions.
Efficiency matters; iTero scanners allow your dental team to capture perfect images immediately because they can see the scans in real-time.
It keeps your record accessible and shows a progression of your treatment in case you, or your insurance company, have questions.
Cutting-edge technology means you get the best possible care because it’s more precise, efficient, and transparent.

Though traditional methods still serve a purpose in some cases, iTero scanners opened a new avenue of dental care.

Itero dental scans usually take a few minutes but could take a little longer to capture clear enough images in some cases. It’s still a shorter, simpler process than traditional x-rays and yields better results.

Yes,  iTero 3D scans don’t use any radiation, making them safe, even for pregnant women! Other 3D teeth scans are also safe because they use significantly less radiation for much less time than traditional methods.

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