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Oral Exam

Why Are Oral Exams Important?


Just like a regular physical exam, a regular oral exam helps keep your entire body healthy and happy. It helps you to maximize good oral hygiene and minimize future dental problems. Regular exams also identify any existing dental issues and diseases early on, preventing bigger problems down the line.

Those bigger problems—infections and gum disease—don’t just impact your mouth. Your body is the sum of its parts, and disease in one area typically affects other organs and/or systems. Studies have linked gum disease with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and more.

An oral exam can help detect gum disease and oral cancer, and diagnose the need for fillings, root canals, orthodontic, and other treatments. To be most effective, though, an oral exam typically needs the additional information supplied by x-rays.

The Jefferson Dental Difference

Our experience helps us to provide a thorough professional exam, every time. We take special care to:

  • Keep you comfortable
  • Attend to any immediate issues you may have
  • Answer all your questions
  • Explain any procedures
  • Teach you how to keep your mouth healthy

You’ll be impressed with the quality of our services and the caring of our staff.

Join our Discount Plan – Free exam and X-rays!

We‘d like to start you on your way to a great smile and exceptional oral hygiene with a free initial exam, complete with x-rays! If no treatment/cleaning is started after doctor recommendation, a $29 charge will apply.

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