“Don’t wait till it hurts!” Interview with Dr. Núñez | Jefferson Dental Clinics

“Don’t wait till it hurts!” Interview with Dr. Núñez

Video Transcription

Sonia Salas: Hello friends, this is Sonia Salas. Jefferson Dental Clinics has brought smiles since 1967 and now has over 42 clinics here in the State of Texas, and to talk a little bit about their services, I have with me Marta Velasco and Dr. Humberto Núñez. Welcome!

Dr. Núñez: Greetings

Sonia Salas: Doctor, please tell us, what is the main reason patients wait until the last minute to visit the dentist?

Dr. Núñez: Yes, sometimes patients feel discomfort, or have pain, lack of dental insurance is a reason, not having time at work, or fear they don’t go to our offices. At this time they start taking drugs, or pain medications to relieve their pain or discomfort. When these patients decide to come in, sometimes what was wrong becomes a bigger issue, and we have to do more aggressive treatments. We recommend that when you feel any discomfort attend and be examined by a dental professional.

Sonia Salas: Sure, visit a dentist before the problem gets bigger is it not so! Marta, what kind of insurance or payment options Jefferson Dental Clinics has to offer?

Marta Velasco: At Jefferson Dental, we accept all private insurance. We also accept Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP, for adults and children, and provide for those who do not have dental insurance, the Sonrisa discount plan, with up to 50% off on all our services. We also offer other flexible options for those who cannot pay at the time.

Sonia Salas: Now, if a patient is interested in obtaining braces. Do you have a discount for them?

Marta Velasco: We also have $400 discount for orthodontic treatments.

Sonia Salas: Perfect, thank you so much for being with us. Now you know friends, Jefferson Dental Clinics has bilingual staff and is also open Monday to Saturday until late to provide all the information and support you need, once again thank you for being with us.

Marta Velasco: Thanks.

Sonia Salas: Thank you. This was Sonia Salas and we’ll see you next time.

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