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Jefferson Dental Clinics on Buenos Dias Houston

Video Transcription

Sonia Salas: How is it going friends, this is Sonia Salas. Jefferson Dental Clinic has brought smiles to all their patients since 1967 and now has over 42 clinics here in the state of Texas. And to talk a little more about these clinics we have with us, Marta Velasco and Dr. Humberto Núñez. Welcome!

Dr. Núñez: Greetings!

Sonia Salas: Doctor Núñez, tell us a little bit about what Jefferson Dental Clinics has to offer.

Dr. Núñez: Yes; for our Hispanic community in Jefferson, we offer a Spanish speaking staff, our patients can go to our consult rooms, and you can confidently express their concerns, their needs. We also have consultations with high-tech professionals who are excelling all the time to the welfare of our patients.

Sonia Salas: Perfect. What I love is that they have bilingual staff to make our patients feel confident and comfortable, is that right?

Dr. Núñez: That’s right!

Sonia Salas: Marta. This September 6th, you will have an event right? Tell me a little about it.

Marta Velasco: Yes, we have the event for the Grand Opening of Katy, between FRY RD and CLAY RD. Well, in this event we will have all kinds of activities for children and adults. First we will provide: Free oral examinations to all who come to the event, will offer activities for children, going to paint the faces of little children, we will have a zoo with ponies and all kinds of animals, and we will also provide concert tickets for Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull, which is excellent, for six flags, to the zoo, and will also have the tooth fairy giving goodies to everyone. We will have food for everyone, so we invite the community to come to Jefferson Dental Clinics in Katy, between FRY RD and CLAY RD, so all can enjoy this Saturday.

Sonia Salas: Perfect. And it is an open event, so everyone is invited. Again if you like more information about this event can call the number 844-4SONRISA for more information. This was Sonia Salas. See you next time.

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