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Jefferson Dental on Hola Houston

Video Transcription

Sonia Salas: How is it going friends, this is Sonia Salas. At Jefferson Dental Clinic they have brought smiles to all of their Latino patients since 1967 and now have over 43 clinics here in the state of Texas. And to talk a little more about these clinics we have with us here at the studio, Marta Velasco and Dr. Juan Rendon; Welcome!

Dr. Rendon: Greetings!

Sonia Salas: Doctor Rendon, tell us a little bit about how Jefferson Dental Clinic differentiates from others.

Dr. Rendon: Jefferson Dental Clinics wants to better the oral health of the Latino people. That’s why we have assistants, bilingual personnel; so that the patients can speak their own language and be able to communicate all of their troubles to the doctors and those who are conducting the oral treatment in a way that they feel comfortable and confident.

Sonia Salas: Perfect. Marta, we know that November 8 you will be celebrating the grand opening of a new clinic. Tell me a little bit about the event.

Marta Velasco: Yes, November 8 from 12 to 2 in the afternoon, we will be in Aldine between Aldine Westfield and Aldine Mailroute. We will be with the radio station Estereo Latino and the DJ El Borrego from the 102.9 radio station giving away tickets to the Justin Timberlake and Hector Acosta, also known as “El Torito” concerts. We will have a petting zoo with ponies and other farm animals, face painting the children’s faces; have food, drinks, and all kinds of activities. The tooth fairy will be giving presents. And also, more importantly, is that we will be giving free oral screenings. So we invite the whole family to come to Aldine on November 8.

Sonia Salas: November 8 the whole family is invited. There will be activities for adults, for kids, presents, food, and music, what else is there to ask for. So if you wish to participate in this event you can dial the number that is on the screen. It is 844-4-SONRISA. This has been Sonia Salas and I will see you next time.

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