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Jefferson Dental Proudly Partners with AVANCE

November 2, 2016 – Jefferson Dental is proud to partner with AVANCE Houston to provide dental health education and access to affordable care to support families in establishing a healthy foundation for their children’s future.

The 50-year mission of Jefferson Dental directly aligns with the mission of AVANCE, as both organizations strive to strengthen existing and upcoming generations of Houston area families by promoting healthy living. Jefferson Dental works to empower the communities not only as the provider as choice, but as the educator of choice, in short because better oral health is the gateway to better overall health. AVANCE’s programs build parents’ resilience and interpersonal connections, as well as access to community networks, education, jobs and health and dental care.  The more parents are empowered, the better advocates for their children and families they become.

We are proud to serve AVANCE’s 8,900 families with dental care resources at community events, health fairs, community meetings and events. We are also proud to empower families with on-site dental care presentations and free dental care kits at parent orientations and in classrooms to talk about how dental care impacts total-wellness at AVANCE’s 22 Houston centers.

Jefferson Dental is committed to providing communities with quality, low-cost dental care.  We have more than 50 dental offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, and are open late and on Saturdays, and accept dental emergency walk-ins.  Our clinic staff provides comprehensive, bilingual dental care in Spanish and English.

In Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth our Community Wellness Program works with non-profit organizations to promote oral and dental health both in and out of our 53 dental offices.  Employee volunteerism, sponsorships, educational presentations, in-kind donations and participating in community events together strengthen our five-decade long commitment to the communities and families we serve.


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