Jefferson Cares Presents at LV Stockard Middle School's Career Day | Jefferson Dental Clinics

Jefferson Cares Presents at LV Stockard Middle School’s Career Day

stockard middle school presentation

January 14, 2015: Jefferson Cares team visits LV Stockard Middle School in Dallas to present during Career Day. Middle school students listened to two members of the Jefferson Cares staff present about working in the dental industry.

“Students should understand that there are so many different career avenues that they can pursue within the dental field,” said Ramon Rodriguez, Corporate Wellness Coordinator.

The Jefferson Cares team spotlighted the different types of careers in the dental industry, everything from being a dentist or hygienist, to working in clinic operations or marketing. The team also spoke about the higher education and certifications that are required to pursue a dental career. Students had the opportunity to speak with the team about the how to begin a career in the dental industry, and what sorts of steps to take while completing middle school and high school.

“We hope that students will understand that the dental field offers wonderful career opportunities, but we also hope that students will understand the value of continuing their education beyond high school,” says Rodriguez.


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