5 Tips to Have the Best Dental Appointment

You only see your dentist for a few hours each year, if you’re attending your twice annual check-up appointments. Too often patients are distracted by pain, dental anxiety, concerned with time or preoccupied with other outside influences and forget to address the questions or concerns that they have.

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Impacts of Disparity in Dental Health of Hispanic Communities

The Hispanic population experiences significantly higher rates of cavities, periodontal disease, and untreated decay that steadily worsens with age.

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Understanding pH Balance in the Mouth

Balancing the pH of the mouth may be one efficient way to reduce bacteria that can cause tooth decay. There are several ways to balance pH including consumption of alkalosis foods, reducing consumption of foods that lower the pH of the mouth, and of course regular dental care.

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Sep 16

ph Oral Health

Back-to-School Snacks that Encourage Healthy Mouths

There is much to consider when packing healthy back-to-school lunches and snacks. When thinking up snacks that are both kid-friendly and healthy, consider where the root of health starts: in the mouth. Try packing these snacks for a fresh alternative to common snacks that can have corrosive effects on kids’ teeth during school hours.

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Millions Can Lose Teeth; Viral DIY Braces Trend

A horrifying $5 do-it-yourself braces trend, popularized to millions of teens through YouTube videos, can cause permanent injury that can require reconstruction, and even surgery to repair damage.

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Aug 13

Braces DIY

Healthy habits for back-to-school

Back-to-school is more than just school supply shopping. Make sure that kids have the best start to the year by taking steps to keep them healthy and smiling all year! Try these tips:

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Keeping your tongue healthy

When thinking about oral health we almost always think about the teeth and gums, but another huge component of oral health is the tongue. This great muscle is responsible for some of our most essential functions; swallowing, tasting and talking.

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The Science of Smiles

There are actually more than a dozen different identified types of smiles that can convey a range of emotions including joy, fear, friendliness, discomfort, embarrassment, uncertainty, love and more.

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How oral health affects pregnancy

Numerous studies have linked poor oral health to complications during pregnancy. Low-birth rate and pre-term birth have been linked to periodontitis. Many expectant mothers do not receive proper oral health counseling nor visit the dentist during pregnancy.

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How Smoking Affects Oral Health

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes can have lasting damaging effects on the entire body. The mouth is often regarded to as the gateway to the body. The inhalation of carcinogens, tar and smoke can resonate throughout the body, starting in the mouth.

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